Fairy Pants Dance

17 Aug

I could do this all day…strut around the Dizzle like a proud chicken.

The cupcake and cheese dip came through…not to mention my pure bowling skills. WE WON! We are the Grand Bowling Champions! If you knew me, you would be shocked and maybe humiliated by my actual bowling skills and the fact that me and Theophilus attacked and dominated 15 other teams in our league. Granted I did go from a 65 to an average score of 100, but still. Thank God for handicaps. And you’re welcome Theo for my Fairy Pants dance. It’s what put us over the top in awesomeness.

Wednesdays are not usually this cool because generally after a victory we return to the cube farm to stomp around and munch for the rest of the day. However, due to the fortunate events of figuratively raping our opponents, we went to Sno Biz: the greatest invention, well, maybe ever.

Crush up some ice and throw in some flavored sugar and you got yourself a real treat. Something to go bananas over. I wish I just had some Vodka to toss in it…

On a related note- we have several psychos that work with us. Not to name any names, and certainly not to make them feel any kookier than they already are, but they are more strange than the average sheep. I use sheep because sheep are cute, but not known for their intelligence or knack for knowledge.

Me: “Hey feller. Are you bowling in our fall league?”

Feller swivels and then stares at me.

Me: “Why don’t you bowl? Are you anti-bowl or anti-office?”

Feller: “Anti-office” as he swivels back into his domain and sticks his head back into the mud.

Hmmmm. If I come up missing, you know where to look first.


One Response to “Fairy Pants Dance”

  1. Anismandy August 17, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    I bow out of being a bowling champion respectfully. Even if we were named champions briefly in 2 emails…

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