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My last official day in any official capacity at The Dizzle

29 Dec

Thankfully this morning began with a very special coffee treat courtesy of AnisMandy. Such mentioned coffee treat is Bailey’s with a splash of coffee flavoring. In a GINORMOUS cup. So I had to share some of it with my neighbor Finch (lives across the cube farm wall from me) so I didn’t act like a total asshole on the phone with anyone. I suppose the consumption of this tasty beverage has led to my current state of mind and thoughts during my last day at work here.

I am surprisingly disappointed that this is my last official day receiving any sort of monetary incentive at The Dizzle. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me to feel sentimental since I am completely adverse to change, but seeing as how I move to a new state tomorrow, I am in complete and utter denial. I am ignoring the fact that I’m making a huge journey to move in with my man candy and starting a new chapter with a new job and new strangers. I like love my strangers that I work with currently. I can’t imagine and won’t even try to replace any of them with anyone new. Frankly it would be exhausting and impossible. And I only commit if I know I have a chance of actually succeeding. So, cheers to all of you amazing creatures I’ve been blessed to know!

I tried to sit here and sift through the blogs I follow but have neglected over Christmas holidays and found the most delicious post on one of my fave blogs:  http://thebloggess.com/2011/12/weekly-wrap-up-in-the-middle-of-the-week/

It’s that time of the month, I’m drinking Baileys, and I just read a very sentimental blog post about giving to homeless children so of course I started blubbering, and had to ask Finchy to ignore me. Good God- I need to get my life together.

Anyways, before this blog becomes anymore awkward, sayonara & I expect multiple pen pals!

Love, L