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Not the day of rest.

3 Nov

This past Saturday the BF and I hosted a Halloween bash in North Carolina. It was quite a hit if I do say so myself. We had creepy things stashed in dusty corners and two equally terrifying punches that led to many improvised serenades of Britney Spears and Rihanna. BF and I were Batman and Robin- I was not allowed to be BMan, go figure. BF got quite rowdy with his cape at times and could be found jumping over the fire trying to convince my dog Lillian to follow. Most of the party-goers did not think this was a good idea, but there were some that cheered it on. Go figure, again. Luckily Lillian had the good sense to ignore him and kept sneaking punch and beer instead from unattended cups. Smart dog.

By the end of the night I was trying to stumble up and down the stairs and keep an eye on the strangers that kept showing up. Like every legit party we had people that no one would claim show up, some of who spilled red wine on the tile floor and then tried to drink it up with a straw to ‘avoid wastage.’ The girl with the straw said this. I didn’t want to correct her as the total wastage, so I stood aside. I totally respected her effort, but did not respect the bare ass that ended up in my face. The girl was in full-blown skank attire and wearing a scrap of material as undies. Thankfully her bungalow was well cared for or it would have been far more awkward for me than it was.

Sunday was a day of rest and recovery. Just kididng. I was treated by my now ex-friends to the 7-hour drive back. Luckily my road rage happened in 40-Watt’s new Explorer and people actually moved out of my way. For some reason, people don’t respect a 4-door sedan nearly as much.