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My last official day in any official capacity at The Dizzle

29 Dec

Thankfully this morning began with a very special coffee treat courtesy of AnisMandy. Such mentioned coffee treat is Bailey’s with a splash of coffee flavoring. In a GINORMOUS cup. So I had to share some of it with my neighbor Finch (lives across the cube farm wall from me) so I didn’t act like a total asshole on the phone with anyone. I suppose the consumption of this tasty beverage has led to my current state of mind and thoughts during my last day at work here.

I am surprisingly disappointed that this is my last official day receiving any sort of monetary incentive at The Dizzle. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me to feel sentimental since I am completely adverse to change, but seeing as how I move to a new state tomorrow, I am in complete and utter denial. I am ignoring the fact that I’m making a huge journey to move in with my man candy and starting a new chapter with a new job and new strangers. I like love my strangers that I work with currently. I can’t imagine and won’t even try to replace any of them with anyone new. Frankly it would be exhausting and impossible. And I only commit if I know I have a chance of actually succeeding. So, cheers to all of you amazing creatures I’ve been blessed to know!

I tried to sit here and sift through the blogs I follow but have neglected over Christmas holidays and found the most delicious post on one of my fave blogs:  http://thebloggess.com/2011/12/weekly-wrap-up-in-the-middle-of-the-week/

It’s that time of the month, I’m drinking Baileys, and I just read a very sentimental blog post about giving to homeless children so of course I started blubbering, and had to ask Finchy to ignore me. Good God- I need to get my life together.

Anyways, before this blog becomes anymore awkward, sayonara & I expect multiple pen pals!

Love, L


It was just an air fart.

15 Nov

This past weekend I spent time with old friends in my hometown and reminisced of days gone by. We mostly just all talked shit to one another about other people’s weddings, their weddings (clearly not mine) and loads of other really lazy, senseless things. Short and sassy and Gizmo just registered for their wedding and told me some really sneaky tricks about registering ridiculous things onto other couples’ registries. They registered some friends for a rather dark-skinned Santa. Please keep in mind that the couple is not of the African American descent.

 …I SO hope they don’t notice the additions to their registry and open a large African Santa in their new house. I would be thankful for the culture and addition to my decorations. This couple, well. They will certainly try to return it. Most likely for cash. They will have no idea of the gem they will have received.

Yes, my friends are geniuses and wackjobs and one day soon we will all rule the world together. Maybe not so soon because we all live mostly in small towns in Alabama, but maybe one day we’ll rule the Country Club. I could settle for free alcohol & food and let others rule the world.

So while we were all sitting on the couch at 4o-Watt’s house we began discussing the terrifying and repugnant act of farting in front of your ‘significant other.’ Luckily I have done the silent but deadly and not the loud and terrifying RUN FOR THE HILLS fart in front of BF. Short and sassy was not so lucky. While staying at the Governor’s Mansion for another godforsaken wedding, she and Gizmo were preparing for a night out. S&S thought she heard the hotel door close and thought Gizmo had stepped out so she snuck into the potty. & then she let it rip. As Gizmo says, “It was nothing but air. No cheekage whatsoever.” HER CHEEKS NEVER TOUCHED! That’s a gift folks.

This is when Short and Sassy tried to die and disappear and considered flushing herself instead of facing the giggles outside the door as Gizmo asked if she was ok. Yeah, he totally asked if she was ok. I thought it was nice.

I poured her some wine and we went back to the black santa topic…much less controversial.

I’m not sure if you noticed…

30 Aug

But I tend to be a little on the eccentrically weird side. And apparently I tend towards being aggressive and exuberant about eating and drinking. And I like my commodes presentable.

but what I’ve really learned this week about myself? I care. About a lot of things.

I care about my friends. I have amazingly stupendous people in my life and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for them. They’ve held my hands through the bad and good, through the bowling catastrophes and victories, through the eye twitches, the spilled margaritas and lost cheese dip…I daresay, through it all.

My days are not usually dignified, nor are they world-changing, but to have a friend that will sit there and let you make a noise like a whale on the office phone and not shudder? Those are the real gems in life. Those are the moments that matter and make you.

To have a friend that understands you, at your worst, sitting in silence and not having the words to express your emotions…yet they stand there and you know they’re there and that’s all you need to help the moment pass and to be able to breathe a little easier. To make your day a little less boring, a little less depressing, a little better. Those are what friends are for. That’s what I am for.

Don’t ever forget the power you have to make or break someone’s day.

Thanks for all the people who have made my day some day. I’ll always be here to help make yours…sorry if it comes in the form of a whale call. Beggars can’t be choosers. 🙂